Foundry Crusher Products

Foundry Crusher Products

We, the Castings World Company committed to becoming the region's leading manufacturer of Construction, Industrial and Engineering Casting in Ferrous and Non Ferrous.

Solid Top Cover and Frame
  • Circular Covers and Frames
  • Circular Covers and Square Frames
  • Square Covers and Frames
  • Rectangular Covers and Frames
  • Rectangular Multiple Covers and Framest.
Recessed Top Covers and Frames
  • Single Recessed
  • Multiple Recessed
  • Single Recessed Top Covers and Frames.
  • Multiple Recessed Top Covers and Frames.
Mild Steel Frames
Cover with mild Steel Angle Frames
Gully Grating and Frames
  • Gully Grates
  • KERB Gully
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Telecommunications
  • Saudi Ministry of water
  • Saudi Ministry of Electricity
  • Muncipality
  • Ministry of Education
Channel Gratings
  • Channer Grating
Tree Grating
  • Tree Grating
Surface Box
  • Surface box
Drainage Products
  • Floor Drain
  • Scupper Drain
Steel Fabricated Products
  • Mild Steel

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Technology Resource trading Establishment is group of company is a major conglomerate with diverse interests in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Since starting our operations in 1970s through our flagship company, Technology Resource trading Establishment,

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